Flo Quick Facts

Material: Sheet Molding Composite (SMC)
Dimensions: 40" x 48" x 6"
Weight: 50 lbs
Edge Rackable Load: 2,800 lbs
Dynamic Load: 5,000 lbs
Static Load: 30,000 lbs


Flo Ingenuity

The 40" x 48" Flo-Pallet is made of SMC...a highly-specialized and robust material used by the aerospace industry to lighten and strengthen aircraft...and in the automotive industry to lighten cars and trucks.


Flo Basics

A 40" x 48" Flo-Pallet has exacting dimensions. It will meet or exceed any specification and is in compliance with FDA standards.
The 40" x 48" Flo-Pallet weighs just 50 pounds which makes it at least 30% lighter than wood pallet competitors.
A Flo-Pallet is manufactured using SMC (Sheet Molding Composite). The glass content in the Flo-Pallet makes the plastic stronger, but lighter than traditional materials. Glass also gives the pallet hot and cold temperature ranges not found in traditional HDPE plastic pallets. A Flo-Pallet will maintain standardized dimensions throughout its lifetime.
The Flo-Pallet can utilize any RFID technology, however, our exclusive global positioning system is readily available to track pallet assets electronically...not by hand-held scanners at choke points.


Flo Tough

Military grade features insure your shipment can go anywhere
• A Flo-Pallet will not embrittle at sub-freezing temperatures... even at 60 degrees below zero.
• A Flo-Pallet will not become unstable at the highest temperatures...even at heat above 400 degrees.
• A Flo-Pallet comes standard with flame resistant and self extinguishing properties...no additive or spray-on coating is required for fire retardant (FR) compliance.


Flo Strength

High strength to weight ratio
• 50 lbs. makes the pallet the lightest in its class
• High load carrying capacity (no steel sub-structure required)
• Solid piece load platform insures stability (assures easy cleaning procedure)
• Patent pending edge rackable design
• Patent pending option allows "sky's the limit" stacking with no shifting
• 3,000 pounds loaded inrack
• 20,000 stackable floor weight


Flo Flexibility

FDA approved material can handle any product
• Grocery/CPG
• Produce
• Beverages
• Pharmaceutical
• Raw Ingredients

Multiple options are available to track shipments
• Imbedded GPS tracking sensors are exclusive to Flo Pallet
• Eliminate errors from manual scanning
• Identify in real time the location of any truck
• Records real time temperatures of each pallet in transit
• RFID systems can also be incorporated to meet any requirement
• Bar-coding is available and each pallet is time stamped upon manufacture
• Customer logo hot stamp is also available