A Flo-Pallet is recyclable, but SMC cannot be recycled with traditional HDPE, making the pallet an unattractive target for theft.

Fire Performance:

A Flo-Pallet does not require an additive or coating to be fire retardant or self extinguishing. The pallet can be added to any existing pallet pool.

Burn index:

A Flo-Pallet has excellent fire performance. The SMC material used to make a Flo-Pallet is self extinguishing, fire retardant and requires no fire retardant (FR) additive or coating.

Temperature Range:

A Flo-Pallet has an operational range of -60°F to 400°F. This temperature range exceeds military (DoD) requirements. The pallets has a DoD Cage Code of 68QA7.


A Flo-Pallet has no protruding nails or broken boards to injure employees or damage equipment or products..


A Flo-Pallet will not absorb liquids. It is impervious to infestation and contamination. Product contact surfaces are easily cleaned due to its solid load platform.