Flo Tracking Options

• Multiple Options Are Available To Track Shipments
Imbedded GPS tracking sensors are exclusive to Flo Pallet, eliminate errors from manual scanning, identify in real time the location of any truck, and records real time temperatures of each pallet in transit.

RFID systems can also be incorporated to meet any requirement.

Bar-coding is available and each pallet is time stamped upon manufacture.

Customer logo hot stamp is also available.

Flo Tracking Features

• Intelligent and Autonomous
Real-time alerts can trigger immediate, corrective action without requiring back office support.

•Open and Integrated
Flo’s Linux-embedded open architecture integrates with existing operating systems to monitor environmental conditions and measure vehicle performance. Captured data can be downloaded in multiple formats (Excel, CSV, PDF, etc). Flo’s software development kit (SDK) enables users to develop proprietary applications.

•Cell, Bluetooth, WIFI and Satellite Enabled

RFID and temperature readers enable Flo to communicate in remote locations. Operators are alerted of condition changes in real time without dispatch or back office support.

Flo Tracking Benefits

•Communications Link for Drivers
Real-time alerts can trigger immediate, corrective action without requiring back office support.

•Open and Integrated

Flo provides mobile voice, fax and scanner connectivity. It offers wireless internet access and connects to multiple devices, eliminating the need for expensive fire wire connections.

•Vehicles E-Locking and Geo-Fencing

Flo’s e-locking system protects doors and latches from theft or product interference. Programmable geo-fence perimeters establish "safe zones" for vehicle access (i.e. within a yard), and send intelligent alerts should a vehicle travel outside defined geo-fence boundaries.

•Smart Data Storage and Bandwidth Utilization

Flo captures and stores data that can be forwarded on demand or automatically uploaded via WIFI when a vehicle enters a yard.

Flo Trackability... The Choice Is Clear

•2G and 3G Enabled – 4G Ready
Flo’s radio device bandwidth supports today’s data intensive applications.

•Powerful, Browser-Based Reporting

Flo data can be easily accessed through a standard browser.

•Third-Party Device Connection

Flo connects to any USB enabled device, including biometric readers and cameras.

•Compact and Standalone

Flo’s self-discovering installation process is simple and economical. There are no wiring harness or provisioning requirements. The discreet, 2" X 3" palm-sized unit is unobtrusive and lends itself to an infinite number of vehicle and product applications.

•Humidity Resistant and Waterproof
Flo’s NEMA rated enclosure protects the device to ensure data integrity.

•Advanced Asset Tracking Assurance
Flo partners design, engineer, and manufacture these tracking devices. We offer installation service and provide seamless customer service and support. The hardware, software and back office system has a full four year warranty.