The Future In Composite Pallets

Flo-Pallet has developed a 40" x 48" super tough, ultra durable platform, constructed of proven light-weight, aero-space composites not requiring bromine-based retardants. The Flo-Pallet can also be equipped to autonomously communicate FDA, FSMA, and HACCP required data right to your existing computer network via GPS, improving efficiencies, which will save your business money.

This new 40" x 48" Flo-Pallet has your productivity in mind, but more importantly your bottom line. Flo’s revolutionary stackable pallet not only features the longest service life in the industry, our space-age, self-extinguishing material eliminates all fire retardant (FR) concerns, utilizing the healthy advantages of the thermo-set process (SMC) over typical thermo-injection (HDPE) molding. The Flo-Pallet meets FDA Title-21 requirements.

Flo-Pallet has, quite simply, produced the finest sustainable pallet option available today. Add our strength, lighter weight, temperature range, and state-of-the-art tracking options, and you’ve got a Flo-Pallet...the smarter shipping solution to meet all of your requirements... including impending compliance issues mandated by the FDA, FMSA and HACCP.

The Flo-Pallet was in development for over three years and made its debut in March 2011. Its design included research into plastic pallets available in the United States and abroad. The long term environmental impact of materials was the top priority in its manufacture.